...to our web section.  At this time I want to let you know that at CASD we have been innovating English Teaching as a Foreign Language. Actually, our innovation is not new at all. But we call it that way because we are teaching English as we consider it should be: through a communicative approach. In that sense we are being supported by one of Cambridge book series and its corresponding academic consultant.

As far as the use of this section is concerned, we`ll be offering our 10th and 11th graders some exercises to be solved. If the answers are right they`ll get an extra Grade. The first student to send his right answers to jorgeeliecerloaiza@casdquindio.edu.co will get it!!!

One of our goals for this year is to create our ENGLISH CLUB !!! Our first meeting will take place on March 6th (3 pm) at Commerce Department. We'll be waiting for you. Join us and you'll have a great time trying your English. See you there.



Amparo Santa Cruz

Dirección: Cra 24A No 6-91 Comuna 8
Teléfono: 7459170
Correo: amparo@casdquindio.edu.co

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Santa Eufrasia

Dirección: Cra 24A No. 3 - 35 Comuna 9
Teléfono: 7462446
Correo: santaeufrasia@casdquindio.edu.co

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Hermógenes Maza - Central

Dirección: Barrio Niágara Carrera 24A Calle 6 Armenia - Quindío - Colombia
Teléfono: 7455240 ext
Correo: casd@casdquindio.edu.co

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